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About us

welcome to St. Martin’s Catholic Hospital - a full service care hospital located in Agroyesum,  Ashanti Region Ghana.

St. Martins is a proud member of the National Catholic Health Services and Christian Health Association of Ghana, and it is under the Obuasi Diocese of the Catholic Church, it has served the towns and various Villages and beyond for more than 50 years.

This non-profit hospital also offers a full spectrum of finely tuned care services with a heartfelt commitment to the provision of compassionate care for all we serve. St. Martins is renowned for its outstanding customer service and scored as one of the top hospitals in the Ashanti Region part of Ghana in the delivery of high quality care.

  1. Lawyer Franklin K. Asamoah                                                        Chairman

  2. Rev. Fr. Livinus OnwuzurikeCMFHosp.                                       Chaplain

  3. Rev. Fr. Joseph Okechukwu Egbu CMF                                        Parish Priest, Agroyesum

  4. Nana Opia Mensah II                                                                     Wirempehene

  5. Nana Tabi Agyabeng III                                                                  Chief, Agroyesum

  6. Dr. Anthony Amanfo Ofori                                                            Supervising Consultant

  7. Mr. Paul Ralph Odom                                                                     Administrator

  8. Hon. Kwame Ntim                                                                           Assemblyman Agroyesum

  9. Rev. Fr. Peter Adu Boahen Nkansah                                            FinancialAdministrator

  10. Hon. Clement Opoku Gyamfi                                                        DCE Amansie South

  11. Dr. Fosu-Kwabi Nasas                                                                    Dist. Dir. of Health

  12. Rev. Sr. Mary Assumpta Taabazuing                                            Nurse Manager

  13. Vida Antwi                                                                                        Secretary

St. Martin’s Hospital (SMH) is a Catholic Diocesan Hospital which serves as the District Hospital, Level C, for medical care in the PHC strategy.  It was established in 1957 by the Dutch Missionaries.




This is the highest management body for Catholic Health Institutions in Ghana.  It formulates policies, disseminates all health information from above and organizes national health meetings of the Catholic Health Institutions. St. Martin’s Hospital is also a member of the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG).  The Association comprises all health care facilities managed by different church denominations in Ghana.



The hospital is governed by an Advisory Board appointed by the Bishop of Obuasi in consultation with the Diocesan Health Committee of the Obuasi Dioceses. The composition of the board includes; 


The Hospital is managed by a six (6) member management team comprising the Hospital Administrator, The Medical Director, The Nurse Manager, the Hospital Chaplain, The Pharmacist and The Accountant.  Its membership includes; 



Mr. Paul Ralph Odoom                                       - Administrator

Dr. Anthony Ofori Amanfo                                 - Medical Director

Rev. Sr. Assumpta Taabazuing                            - Nurse Manager.

Pharm. Abubakar Asuru Asurudima                 - Pharmacist

Miss Ama Bosuwa Abban                                    - Accountant.

Rev. Fr. Livinus Onwuzurike. CMF                       - Chaplain


To provide high quality healthcare in the most effective/efficient and innovative manner, specific to the needs of the communities we serve and at all times acknowledge the dignity of the patient.  These services will be carried out in a manner complimentary to yet integral to the National Health Sector activities of Ghana.



To continue Christ’s Healing Ministry in bringing healing to the greatest number of people in the provision of total quality patient care through healers with good ethical and moral standards; who are conscientious as well as professionally competent, motivated and united in their common respect for fundamental human values.



To provide and sustain good quality health care for the poor, neglected and marginalized in society. The hospital will seek to empower the people it serves to take ownership of their own individual and collective health needs.

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