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What Texting Can Do To Your Spine.

Daily basis, I am amazed to see how people are hooked on to their phones and tablet all the time. From subway to street, people keep staring at their devices like something horrible would happen if they didnt check their mobile devices for a second. There is an interesting study I want to share here.

The United Chiropractic Association (UCA) claims that poor posture is as big a health risk as obesity. Studies suggest a link between forward-leaning posture in older people and hyperkyphosis, which is associated with pulmonary disease and cardiovascular problems.

Elderly people with even a small degree of hyperkyphosis have a 1.44 times greater risk of mortality than those without. This is a similar figure to increased risk of death presented by a body mass index greater than 30, according to the UCA.

Well in simple words, Texting and using mobile devices for long periods of time could lead to lower life expectancy. Does it sound BS to you? Does your physician say it is not scientifically proven? Here I ll break it down how bad posture might effect your health.

As bad as above picture looks, if you have bad posture, specially forwarded head, it will throw whole balance off of your body and it can cause abnormal stress to your joints and muscles. Just imagine carrying a bowling ball in your hands, forwarded position for 14 hours a day. Degenerative changes on your spinal joints happen much faster than one with good posture and same time degenerated spinal joints will put great amount of pressure to nerves that connected to heart, stomach, muscle and hormonal glands. So, you get the idea? Bad posture=Degeneration of spines=neural degeneration=affected organs=early death. In daily practice, I see kids and young adults with joints that might be seen on someone of 40years old of age. You or your kids might be the one too. Am I telling everyone to stop using his mobile devices? Not really. Come to visit me at St.Martin's catholic  hospital or call me at 0260875095. I ll teach you how to maintain good posture and health.

By: Victor Ayoma (PA)

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