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Outpatient Physical Therapy


Phone: +233322097042



Our goal is to provide an opportunity for each and every patient to return to their optimum physical performance after an injury or sickness.

St Martins Hospital’s Outpatient Physical Therapy offers patient-centered care based on your individual physical therapy needs. After an assessment one of our highly skilled therapists will design a program specific to your requirements. The program will not only include activities here in our office but also a treatment plan for you to follow at home.

The length of your treatment program will be determined by the severity of your injury or condition as well as your physical ability, mind set and the goals that you and our team define at the onset.

St. Martins Hospital’s Outpatient Physical Therapy team is among the best in their field. Our certified therapists have an array of certifications and degrees along with continuing education studies that allow them to treat multiple conditions of rehabilitation.

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