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There are many reasons to have a surgery. Some operations can relieve or prevent pain. Others can reduce a symptom of a problem or improve some body function. Some surgeries are done to find a problem. Surgery can also save your life. No matter how complex procedure, it is always a difficult decision to undergo a surgery. Our team of competent surgeons is set to provide surgical services as general surgery, orthopedics and Ears, Nose, and Throat .

When you need surgery you want to have the best surgeons, the highest quality technology and a compassionate hospital environment. You will find all of this and more at St. Martins Hospital. Our Theatre is a collaboration of some of the finest surgeons who work with highly skilled nurses, technicians and other health care providers to ensure that patients and their families experience an exceptional standard of care.

We have an on-site Medical Director and a staff of highly accomplished surgeon that can deliver top quality surgical care.

​We continually seek to educate patients, families and peers, while committing to advance the knowledge of our patients. We support new strategies for diagnosis and treatment, we also strive to be a team of faculty fulfilled by our development, thankful for our health and family, and rewarded by the opportunity to care for our patients.


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