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St. Martins Hospital  Aroyesum

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This information provides answers to some of the questions most commonly asked by patients about insurance and payment. Of course, if you have any questions, we’ll do our best to provide you with answers. We want your hospital stay to be as comfortable as possible, and that includes helping to eliminate your concerns about payment.

Who is responsible for paying my hospital bill?

The patient is the guarantor (person responsible for paying) for the bill. However, if the patient is a minor, the parent/guardian is listed as the guarantor. Many people who have insurance assume that their insurance company is responsible for paying for the services received at the hospital. Patient should note that not all services are coverd by the NHIA scheme.


Will I need to supply proof of my insurance?

At registration or upon admission, you will be asked to provide your insurance card.

You should also provide referrals or authorization forms that may be required.

Supplying old or incomplete insurance information as well as not bringing the required referal forms could result in hospital charges being billed directly to you.


What charges, if any, will I have to pay?

You are responsible for paying for any services received during your hospital stay that is not paid by your insurance company, including co-payments and deductibles. You can expect a notice or explanation of benefits from your insurance company indicating the amount to be paid to the hospital.

What type of payment does the hospital accept?

St. Martin's Hospital accepts cash and insurance payments. A cashier is available infront of the OPD  at all the time in  hospita.

What if I am on a fixed income and can’t pay my bill all at once or I don’t have insurance?

If you need to make special payment arrangements for charges not covered by your insurance, please call the phone number noted on the bill and a representative will assist you.

What if I have questions about my bill?

You can call the phone number noted on the bill and a representative will assist you.

What if I cannot afford to pay my hospital bill?

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need help paying your hospital bill, you may qualify for the hospital’s porper's fund. Financial assistance may be available for healthcare services that are medically necessary.  You can make arrangements to pay your bill by calling the number noted on the bill and a representative will assist you.


St. Martins Hospital  Aroyesum



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